Amazing Vastu Tips to Keep Your Wallet Filled with Money
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Amazing Vastu Tips to Keep Your Wallet Filled with Money

Who doesn’t like money in lives? But sometimes inspite of working hard we fail to gain the money we desire for, it sometimes happens because of the wrong placement of our house and its structure. Today let us learn a few things about vastu and how it can be helpful sustaining and gaining more money.

• Never construct the pool, body of water, or anything below normal ground level in the southwest corner (applies to your home, office, or other building). 

• Place the safe or money almirah near the south or south-west wall so that it opens to the north. North is Lord Kuber’s direction and opening the locker to the north will allow Kuber to refill it over and over again. Locker in any other direction. 

• Under no circumstances should you place the safe under a beam, as this can put great financial pressure on the family or the company. 

• One of the tricks for attracting wealth is to put a mirror in front of your cash register so that the mirror shows a cash register image. This is a symbol of the doubling of your wealth. 

• Keeping the northeastern part free and open at all times will attract wealth. Avoid climbing stairs etc in this part. Never store heavy objects such as machinery, etc. in the northeast corner. 

• Avoid high-rise buildings, temples, etc. in front of the NE of your property or house, as this will lead to a loss of assets. If there are high-rise buildings and temples, at least watch out for their shadows not falling on your house or property. 

• Never make a curved wall in the northeast corner of the perimeter wall. Do it at right angles. 

Always keep the southwest part of the roof higher than the northeast part. In other words, the roof of the building must slope from SW to NE.  Make sure that the south and west walls of the house and the boundary are higher and thicker than the walls on the north and east sides. 

• Always buy lands that are more or at least the same height as the surrounding streets. Never buy a land that is lower than the street across from it. 

• According to Vastu, planting large and huge trees in the southwestern part of a property for money stabilizes finances.This also helps avoid mishaps and setbacks in the family and in the company.  Never have large, tall trees on the northeast side of a property as this will hinder the flow of funds. 

• Always make sure that the center of the house remains as a free area. Never build anything (except a temple) in this part of a house as it is the Brahmasthan.

• Convert the SW or West part of the package as a warehouse. 

• Always keep all doors and windows clean; if they are dirty, the flow of money is hindered. 

• Following Vastu’s advice to repair or replace any leaking faucet or faucet; Water leaks mean waste and loss of money. 

• Place a water fountain in the northeast part of the house. Make sure that the water in the well is always moving; the movement of water denotes the flow of positive energy and wealth. 

• Keep an aquarium in your house (which we insist on) in the northeast part of the hallway or living room. Always keep the aquarium clean and airy. 

• Decorate the front door or front door of your home in a distinctive way so that wealth and wealth are easy to find. Also decorate your house name and license plate. Keep this area brightly lit and nicely colored. 

• Make sure you feed the birds and grains in your garden, this will attract positive energy and wealth. 

• Wealth is primarily represented by the color purple, so keep a purple plant in your home. However, if you’re struggling to get a purple plant, keep a money plant in a purple pot.

Friends we hope this article helps you and reduces your stress related to monetary aspects of your life. All the best!

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