Astrology Prediction on Coronavirus – When Will The Pandemic End?
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Astrology Prediction on Coronavirus – When Will The Pandemic End?

In current times, everyone wants to know when the Covid-19 pandemic will come to an end. In such suffering situations, people around the world are affected financially, physically, and emotionally. Many of us moved to astrologers for guidance. But do they have the cure?

While the predictions from different astrologers are different. They seem to indicate that the coronavirus will exist in various forms for a few more coming years. 

Could Astrologers Predict About the Existence of Covid-19?

Vastu Acharya Manoj Srivastava Ji said that the astrology rules were written several thousand years ago when the coronavirus was not here. Anyone can still map such viruses and the behavior of planets named Pluto, Jupiter, and Rahu that come up due to reasonable predictions”.

Nowadays, Rahu planets are transiting Pluto and Taurus planets till October 2021. Thus, the same situation may remain as it is till the progress of Pluto moves directly to move about one degree, which usually happens in the month of December.

To explain this in detail, Manoj Srivastava said that Jupiter planet existed in the Capricorn last year. It was debilitated and entered into Aquarius on April 6, 2021. It created big breathing issues and shortage of oxygen. It has been predicted that Jupiter again will retrograde and reach Capricorn. It is a debilitating sign of more health-related situations that can arise in the month of September. The whole world may face this situation, not only India. In November, 2021, it can again enter Aquarius, at times we expect another attack of challenging times and health issues. But, many states are taking lockdown restrictions easily and cautioning against coronavirus letting down.

When Can People Expect Better Times?

Covid-19 is the way of nature to balance the life that asks people to slow down. After June 2021, things may be going better and, in November 2021, the situation will become much more under control,” according to scientist Dr. Kajal Mugrai.

Reiterating, the battle against the coronavirus pandemic is very far from over. Astrologers say that it is time to learn from our mistakes that is the reason behind the first and second waves of Covid.

Due to the movement of some planets i.e. Pluto, Jupiter, and Rahu, Acharya Manoj Srivastava assumes that the world may start witnessing better times in January 2022. At this time, Pluto will come back in direct motion to one degree. So, people may have to take care of cautions till mid-year 2022 and we may be totally free from the virus in 2023. Vaccination is playing a major role in bringing us safe and out of such challenges.

Until Then, What to Do to be Safe?

Regular exercise, meditation, and eating healthy is required to be a safe survivor. Thus, I advise people not to ignore any kind of health issues or don’t take the current health situation lightly.

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