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Remedies To Remove Evil Eye Effect with Vedic Astrology

The evil eye is something that is known to get people in trouble for years. Most of the time problems are caused due to the evil eye which is pretty
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Find 10 Ways to Raise Positive Energy by Vastu Shastra

People build houses, but it’s the positive energies that make it a home. Ever senses the difference between homes and the vibes they carry?
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Fix Vastu of Your Bedroom – Things That Should Never Keep in The Bedroom

According to surveys, it has been found that homeowners struggle most in life when it comes to keeping their bedrooms tidy. At times when you look
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Vedic or Western Astrology: Get The Right?

The discussion between Vedic soothsaying and western crystal gazing has been continuing for quite a long time. There is a practically equivalent
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Amazing Vastu Tips to Keep Your Wallet Filled with Money

Who doesn’t like money in lives? But sometimes inspite of working hard we fail to gain the money we desire for, it sometimes happens because of the
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Vastu Tips – Bring Positive Energies, Prosperity, Happiness, and Wealth To Your Home

Vastu Shastra is known as one of the ancient guides for living a happy life at home. One can get all the positive energies, prosperity, happiness,
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How can Astrology make a distinction in our lives?

Astrology is one of the oldest sciences known to us, and India was at the fore of astrology since time immemorial. Antique cultures glanced up to the ...

Is Baba Vanga’s prediction on Russia coming true?

Amid a violent war between Russia and Ukraine, the meeting of the prophecy of Bulgarian oracle Baba Vanga has strengthened. Baba Vanga, 85, who ...