Find 10 Ways to Raise Positive Energy by Vastu Shastra
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Find 10 Ways to Raise Positive Energy by Vastu Shastra

People build houses, but it’s the positive energies that make it a home. Ever senses the difference between homes and the vibes they carry? When people behave nicely then you would feel the positivity. 

All of this is fixed to the energies of that place, which are controlled by the interaction of a lot of elements. Vastu Shastra has solutions to many such parts. Let us know 10 ways to raise positive energy by Vastu Shastra.

 1. Houses that are Vastu compliant:

The first step should be to look for homes that are made wrapping all the vital features of Vastu Shastra. Even if you are not a solid believer, think of the energy flow once you begin living there.

Everything on this planet is affected by the spot of individual planets and stars, be it your home. It is therefore pivotal to range the erection with concepts of Vastu Shastra.

 2. Correct your main entrance:

If we go by the Vastu, one’s doorway should open to one of these directions-east, north, or north-east. So, if your house is not built in such a way, do study by changing the main doorway.

 3. Avoid these at the entrance:

Things which you should avoid at your main door are shoe racks, fountains, dustbin, darkness, etc. Try avoiding these negative parts as they block the positive energies to step in.

 4. Watch your space:

This means having a clean, hygienic, and removing unnecessary interior. Many times, people watch to over-decorate their interior or try to perform everyone’s idea of a good interior, only to make it look soiled. Vastu Shastra will always submit to keep your interior decluttered, emitting positive energies. 

 5. Ample light:

Your house can be made in such a way or the interiors could be at fault, to check the light entering our space. Darkness or limited light never equals a pool of positive energy. Secure that enough natural light enters your space.

‍6. Directions are pivotal:

Astrology and Vastu Shastra always mark directions. It will make sight if you speak to a Vastu Shastra specialist while waking up in a direction or opening a door at a definite angle and direction. The directions would not only limit the negative energies but magnify your existing positive energy pool.

‍7. Placements are a thing:

A home is evidently made up of corners, pillars, sections, and a lot of such erection-related stuff. According to Vastu Shastra, the placement of physical things matters and is related to energies. Every room has its own logic to be followed. Learn and know the art of placing vital things like religious settings, places to eat, to wash, etc., as per the principles of Vastu Shastra.

‍8. Add ons:

The science of Vastu Shastra does help you to correct your decisions. There are a lot of icons, artificial showpieces that are based on the ideas of Vastu Shastra. They magnify your space’s positive energies to great areas.

‍9. Talk positively:

There is a popular faith that goes along Vastu Shastra, which makes your home too a living institution.  Vastu tathastu is a popular saying to mark the same, meaning your home as a living institution can bless you with what you say. So, this is still another positive way to boost positive energy in your space-be it residential or commercial.

‍10.  Plants can help:

Nature has solutions to everything. There is a certain category of plants that help in boosting positivity. One can pot them in your home.

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