Fix Vastu of Your Bedroom – Things That Should Never Keep in The Bedroom
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Fix Vastu of Your Bedroom – Things That Should Never Keep in The Bedroom

According to surveys, it has been found that homeowners struggle most in life when it comes to keeping their bedrooms tidy. At times when you look around at things that are mistakes of having them in their bedrooms. Organization of such things is not the wonder, keep them at the right place. Keeping some things in your bedroom that should not be can affect your health negatively.

Get These Things Out From Your Bedroom

We have given a list of things that you should never keep in your bedroom. If any of them are in your bedroom, then keep them out from the place where you spend nearly one-third of your day. Getting rid of such things can help you make your bedroom a tidier and healthier space.

1. Pets

Most owners allow their pets like dogs and cats to sleep on their beds. Household and pet are very different from each other. Sometimes pets may enhance and comfort your sleep, but at some other time, they may disrupt your sleep too. It is very individual as their inconvenience may be worth nighttime of snuggles.

2. Electronic devices

Electronic devices like mobiles, laptops, etc. are deeply ingrained in human lives. But it is important to keep them out of the bedroom. There are many reasons why you need to do this, however.

The blue light emitted from your smartphone, laptop, flatscreen TV, and tablets make it harder to produce melatonin for your brain. So, it becomes harder to fall asleep when you place such things in your bedroom. Thus, try to untether your bedroom from electronic devices while sleeping. 

3. Exercise Equipment

Keeping your exercise equipment out of the bedroom is the thing that you are avoiding. It might seem quite convenient to have your exercising machines easily accessible when they are placed right there in your bedroom.

Exercise machines can become cluttered when stop getting in use. Working out just before sleep can disturb your sleep. If you have not been keeping up your workout with  always-visible exercising machines in the bedroom, then they may increase the feelings of guilt 

4. A Workspace or Desk

Most people use their bedrooms to work conveniently. Maybe it is fine to be using a smartphone or laptop at the bed to work. Perhaps, your bedroom may have a desk in your room that you are using for work from home regularly.

It is important to keep your work area out of your bedroom because boundaries matters. Your bedroom should be a place where you can unwind or relax. If you are not doing that, it can create a problem of life-work balance.

5. Dirty Laundry

Dirty laundry is always unavoidable. So the laundry basket that is overflowing with dirty stuff can clutter the look of your bedroom. Dirty and smelly laundry can affect the air quality of your bedroom. So, it is important to avoid leaving dirty laundry in your bedroom. A separate laundry room and hidden laundry hampers for the bedroom are the better solutions.

Summing Up!

In this write-up, we have given a list of such things that you should never keep in your bedroom. You can improve your bedroom’s function and allow your family sleeps well with higher standards.

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