How can Astrology make a distinction in our lives?
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How can Astrology make a distinction in our lives?

Astrology is one of the oldest sciences known to us, and India was at the fore of astrology since time immemorial. Antique cultures glanced up to the planets and stars as immediate powers that ruled their lives, and they told these with Gods. Therefore, Astrology grew out of the sense that like everything else, people were ruled by the Sun, Moon, planets, and stars.

Famous as ‘Jyotir Vidya’ in Sanskrit, it means the “science of the light” clarifying a feel of spiritualism and well-being. It is acknowledged that astrology had created in Babylonia about two and a half millennia ago, and when Babylonia was settled by the Greeks, it extended into the west before making its way into Asia.

Astrology today and how its strong impact you in the correct way

Knowing about one’s horoscope gives the person a kind of forethought into his or her future, thereby giving some time to design for products ahead. In expansion, astrology can indicate important elements of one’s life, like love, finances, job and career, education, family, health, and, last but not least, spirit. Also, overwhelming challenges in life are hard, and sometimes if there is a small piece of help, then what’s the harm?

Astrology helps someone understand more about themselves and power their strengths and pivot their flaws into something valuable. It imbibes the effects of transparency, hope, positiveness, and helps people fight the battle of life seamlessly. There is nothing that people cannot know about themselves once they see via the lenses of Astrology.

In the Indian Astrology theory, there are three types of ‘karma’- Dridha (Fixed) Karma, Adridha (Flexible) Karma, and the Dridha-Adridha (Mixed) karma. Karma is the completion of all the acts of a person. Also, it is an impact of everything from the past stamina and in the current ongoing life therefore distant. Therefore, someone who has a helping nature will have good karma than those who have demonic ones.

How Astrology Can be Helpful

  • A professional astrologer will be able to identify the date and time of fixed karmas. Thereby, giving the person sufficient time to take preventative actions. Nevertheless, one cannot stop it. They are inescapable.
  • Flexible karmas are a different ball game entirely. Also, proficient astrologers can easily shift the tables around for a person with flexible karma. Also, they can make the negative into a positive.
  • As per the initial logic, people with mixed karmas (fixed and flexible) will have partisan help from an astrologer who can suggest suitable gems or give suitable life advice for people to make use of.

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