Is Baba Vanga’s prediction on Russia coming true?
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Is Baba Vanga’s prediction on Russia coming true?

Amid a violent war between Russia and Ukraine, the meeting of the prophecy of Bulgarian oracle Baba Vanga has strengthened. Baba Vanga, 85, who accurately foretold everything from the 9/11 attacks of Al Qaeda to the devastating tsunami in the US, said Russia would become “the ruler of the world” and Europe would turn into a “wasteland”. Baba Vanga said that all will soften because the snow will remain intact – the dignity of Vladimir, the fulfillment of Russia.

Baba Vaenga said, ‘No one can stop Russia. All the people will be put out of the way and he (Russia) will be the ruler of the world. This prophecy of Baba Vanga has become a matter of debate after Russia attacked Ukraine. On the demands of Russian President Vladimir Putin, Russian details are embarking active attacks in Ukraine and driving towards charging the capital Kyiv. Meanwhile, Putin has put his nuclear force on attention given the service preparedness of NATO.

Indicated his Death Accurately

Born in the European country of Bulgaria, Baba Vanga’s real name is Vangelia Gushterova and she died in 1996. Baba Venga was born in the year 1911. Baba Venga declared that God had given her the rare gift of witnessing the future. It is said that at the age of 12, Baba Venga lost her eyesight in a powerful typhoon. She had foreseen her death accurately. Baba Venga, while passing in the year 1996, had given her prediction for the year 5,079 till the year 5,079.

Baba Venga thought that the world would end in the year 5079. Before passing, Baba Vanga had made many factual predictions such as the negation of the Soviet Union, the 2001 World Trade Center attack, the 2004 tsunami, African American descent to become the US President, the death of Britain’s Princess Diana, and the 2010 Arab Spring. Baba Venga had alerted of natural casualties in the world year 2022.

Locust Party may Attack in India

Venga declares that locust hives will attack crops and fields in India, which can show hunger in the country. In India, in the year 2020, locusts had attacked and eliminated crops in Rajasthan, Gujarat, and Madhya Pradesh. Venga has said that in the year 2022, the asteroid will send aliens to Oumuamua to search for life on Earth.

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