Know The History Of Astrology In Detail
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Know The History Of Astrology In Detail

Astrology is a type of prediction that involves predicting earth and human events by observing and interpreting stars, sun, moon, and planets. Astrology originated in ancient Babylon, and the Babylonians developed their astrology about 2,400 years ago. Then, about 2100 years ago, astrology spread to the eastern Mediterranean and became popular in Egypt, which was under the control of the Greek kings. 

Astrology believes that the arrangement of stars and planets will affect everyone’s mood, personality, and environment, according to their birth. Astrologers print personalized predictions based on the date of birth in the newspaper. The scientific community rejected astrology because it has no explanatory power to describe the universe. Astrology has not been proven effective in controlled research, nor is it scientifically effective, which is why it is considered pseudoscience.

There are Egyptian, Celtic, and Mayan astrology, and so on. In any case, in terms of the types of astrology in use today, there are three main forms: Western (tropical), Vedic, and Chinese.

Alan Leo is often referred to as “the father of modern astrology.” His work triggered a revival of astrology in the Western world in the late 17th century. The concepts of technical astrology and astrology in India came from Greece. Indian astronomy and astrology developed together. The oldest astrology book, Bhrigu Sanhita, was written by Bhrigu, a saint in the Vedic era. Sage Bhirgu is also known as the “Father of Indian Astrology” and is one of the respected Saptarshi or Seven Vedic saints.

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