Lord Krishna Wears a Peacock Feather in His Hair, Why?
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Lord Krishna Wears a Peacock Feather in His Hair, Why?

Peacocks love downpour and dance during the rainstorm. Seeing a sky totally covered by foreboding shadows is appreciated by them and satisfies them. Krishna, being darker looking, takes after the dull downpour of substantial mist. At the point when the peacocks see Lord Krishna, he helps them to remember the downpour and, accordingly, makes them exceptionally cheerful. Likewise, his music combined with his brown complexion assists them with moving better. Hence as appreciation, they offer him their plumes which he joyfully acknowledges and puts in his hair. 

While these are the absolute most mainstream ideas, there is likewise the idea of Maya or Illusion that is advanced. As per a Quora client, this is the reason Krishna wears a peacock feather in his hair: 

“Lord Krishna gives primary education. Says that our entire life and the universe is his ‘Maya’. He consistently discloses to his incredible devotee Arjuna to understand his quality, fundamental apparently random occasions and different living beings populating the universe. 

Despite the fact that Lord Krishna showed his own ‘Maya’. He is controlled or upset by his own forces.

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