Which job is best for you as per your horoscope?
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Which job is best for you as per your horoscope?

It is extremely mandatory to make a fair career choice for yourself as someday, your living is going to be dependent on it. Astrology is a necessary part of you and therefore your career desires are considered in your birth chart. It is mandatory to study the second house(income), the sixth house (details of employment), and the tenth house (job status) of your birth chart to make the right predictions. The zodiac signs and planetary positions in your chart study the possibilities of your career. The position of Saturn, Jupiter, Sun, and Mercury also has a large impact on what type of profession a person will be successful in. 

⦿ Aries- The individual’s professional success depends on the most powerful sign in their horoscope, Individuals having their Aries in the 10th house will be more acceptable for defense, military, and mineral management services. The reason is, Mars is the lord of Aries and it stands for weapons, energies, and fire. 

⦿ Leo- They are probably to do jobs linked to administration and authority as Sun, the lord of Leo stands for authority and therefore, they are more likely to do government jobs.  

⦿ Sagittarius- They should prefer business and financial services if deciding private sector because their zodiac stands for boldness and practicality. They can also end up in a career linked to Law, or become educationalists or preachers. 

⦿ Gemini and Virgo- They have Mercury as their Lord and it stands for intellectual and communication and therefore, they can go for jobs as a writer, publishers, teachers, journalist, editors, clerical jobs, and accountants. 

⦿ Pisces- They come under watery signs, so they are more likely to have chosen related jobs. 

⦿ Capricornus- They are blessed with connections with mother earth and are hardworking and hence they are likely to be in the agricultural and geological field.

⦿ Taurus- They will show a tendency regarding the beauty and fashion industry, chef, artist, singers or musician, Construction, Leader of Politician, Executive or Manager, Banking or Finance Administration, Biologist or Botanist, and Agriculture or Farming.  

⦿ Aquarius- Individuals wishing to become Legal advisors.

⦿ Cancer- They are involved in Realtor, Private Chef, Interior Designer, Social Worker, Architect, Nurse, CEO, Therapist, Hotelier, and Nanny. 

⦿ Libra- They will show a tendency regarding the Human Resources Manager, Detective, Lawyer, Counselor, Recruiter, Stylist, Art Dealer, Event Planner, Retail Buyer, and Interior Designer.  

⦿ Scorpius- They should prefer Researchers, Engineers, Financial Advisor, Market Analysts, Psychologists/Psychiatrists, auditors, chemists, detectives, Pharmacists, Surgeons/ Medical examiners.

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